As Thomas-Town grew along with Seth Thomas' clock factory, local residents banded togeterh in 1837 to establish a church. Seth Thomas himself led the way in funding the building, and in donating land for it.

The first settled pastor of Harvey Kitchel brought great dedication to his call. Under his leadership, we were among the earliest supporters for the Amistad  captives, working for their freedom and for the end of slavery. 

In subsequent generations we demonstrated our support for  women through voting rights and fighting against the tyranny of alcoholism.

Through the years we have nurtured many Community Leaders, notably Harry & Nellie Blakeslee, who left their estate to the town to establish a scholarship fund that flourishes today.

We've demonstrated our concern for the world through international mission. In 1914, Rev. & Mrs. Loren Gates were commissioned as missionaries to India. Subsequent journeys - to  Micronesia, Russia,  Ukraine,Tanzania, Kenya and India - have helped secure our relationships with humble servants of the Gospel around the world. 


Affiliation: We have been a Congregational Christian Church since the beginning. While we enjoy partnerships in ministry with other churches, we are independent of outside authorities, responsible before God to seek and obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit.